A Bigger Splash (1967) by David Hockney

A Bigger Splash - David Hockney - 1967

Artwork Information

TitleA Bigger Splash
ArtistDavid Hockney
MediumAcrylic on Canvas
Dimensions96 x 96 in (243.8 x 243.8 cm)
Current LocationTate Gallery, London

About A Bigger Splash

David Hockney’s 1967 painting, “A Bigger Splash,” is an iconic piece depicting a sun-drenched swimming pool in California. At approximately 94 x 94 inches, it was painted with acrylic and is one of Hockney’s most famous works. The painting features a modernist building and an empty chair against the backdrop of an urban Californian landscape.

Derived from a photograph and drawing by Hockney, “A Bigger Splash” showcases the artist’s unique style that blends pop art with personal and abstract elements. The painting is one of three variations on the same theme by Hockney, each showcasing different perspectives of the same subject.

This remarkable artwork was sold for $29.8 million in February 2020 and is currently owned and displayed by London’s Tate Britain Museum. It remains as one of Hockney’s museum-worthy paintings that continues to attract admirers around the world.

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