A Burial at Ornans (1849-1850) by Gustave Courbet

A Burial at Ornans - Gustave Courbet - 1849 - 1850

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Artwork Information

TitleA Burial at Ornans
ArtistGustave Courbet
Date1849 - 1850
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions315 x 668 cm
Art MovementRealism
Current LocationMusée d'Orsay, Paris
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About A Burial at Ornans

Gustave Courbet’s “A Burial at Ornans” is a milestone in 19th-century French art. It was completed in between 1849 and 1850 and depicts the funeral of Courbet’s great uncle in his hometown, Ornans, France. The painting marked a significant departure from traditional Romantic paintings by portraying ordinary citizens rather than royal family members or mythological figures.

The scene is based on an actual event that took place in Ornans, and it presents a starkly realistic portrayal of the funeral procession. Courbet wanted to create something that was egalitarian and democratic, inspired by Dutch civic guards in the 17th century. The painting demonstrated his commitment to realism as an art form, while also reflecting his belief that every individual deserved equal treatment and respect regardless of their social status.

Courbet’s approach challenged traditional academic painting conventions by emulating styles used for religious or mythical subjects when depicting secular subjects instead. Today, “A Burial at Ornans” remains one of his most famous works because it won him critical acclaim as well as controversy due to its innovative nature. It represents a turning point not only for Courbet but also for entire movements towards realism throughout Europe.

“A Burial at Ornans” is an important work that showcases Gustave Courbet’s dedication to portraying everyday people through Realism. By choosing this evocative subject matter and larger-than-life scale commonly associated with history paintings such as battles or coronations; he exposes the tensions between romanticized notions of life versus mortality within French society during this time period.

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