A Couple (1995) by Fernando Botero

A Couple - Fernando Botero - 1995

Artwork Information

TitleA Couple
ArtistFernando Botero
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions117 x 96 cm

About A Couple

Fernando Botero is a renowned Colombian artist and sculptor known for his signature style, “Boterismo,” which depicts exaggerated volumes of people and figures. One of his notable works is the 1995 painting, A Couple. The painting showcases inflated shapes that create a unique perspective on volume and reality.

Botero draws inspiration from diverse influences, including Renaissance masters such as Rubens. He studied art in Madrid, Paris, and Florence before developing his iconic style. Botero’s work often represents scenes of leisure, including drinking and dancing. While some pieces carry political criticism within their meaning, other works showcase humor.

Beyond paintings like A Couple, Botero has produced numerous monumental sculptures placed in cities worldwide. Viewings of his work have been held in prestigious institutions worldwide ranging from The Museum of Modern Art to the Tate Modern.

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