A Family (1996) by Fernando Botero

A Family - Fernando Botero - 1996

Artwork Information

TitleA Family
ArtistFernando Botero
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions195 x 155 cm

About A Family

In 1996, world-renowned artist Fernando Botero created a distinguished oil painting entitled ‘A Family’. This particular family portrait depicts five sisters and their pet cats posed in their home. Botero consistently applied a style to his paintings whereby personal interpretations emerge on the canvas. ‘A Family’ is no exception to this rule as each character is painted in Botero’s rounded style, but every sister has her distinct personality.

Family has always been a constant source of inspiration for Botero, and this is evident from the intricate details embedded in his artwork. The painting features five ladies dressed in colorful attires, exuding confidence and poise, indicating their social status. However, it is interesting to note that the sisters’ expressions are somber or indifferent, suggesting some underlying issues within the family context.

Botero’s unique artistry lies within his ability to play with proportions masterfully. In ‘A Family,’ the artist exaggerates certain parts of the portrait subjects’ bodies by rendering them larger than normal, contributing to an overall effect of roundness and harmony within shapes. The cats also share this feature as they are tenderly holding by one of the sisters with enlarged paws representing comfort for those who experience hardship.

Botero’s ‘A Family’ speaks volumes about inter-family relations through artistic elements such as symbolism and exaggeration that depict intricacies among siblings or families that remain hidden from plain sight but apparent when observed keenly from another lens beyond realism or a mere display of physical traits.

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