A family portrait in a river landscape by Adele Romany

A family portrait in a river landscape - Adele Romany - 1807

Artwork Information

TitleA family portrait in a river landscape
ArtistAdele Romany
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions97.8 x 131.3 cm.
Art MovementNeoclassicism

About A family portrait in a river landscape

The artwork titled “A family portrait in a river landscape” dates back to 1807 and is a creation by the artist Adele Romany. It is an oil on canvas piece, reflective of the Neoclassicism art movement. The dimensions of this piece measure 97.8 cm in height by 131.3 cm in width.

The artwork portrays an idyllic family scene set in a serene river landscape. On the left, two young children appear to be engaging in playful motion; one child is depicted mid-twirl, holding a tambourine aloft which suggests a moment of dance or merriment. The child’s garments and flowing hair contribute to the sense of movement and immediacy in the scene.

Central to the composition is a seated grouping, consisting of two women and a child. The child, seated on one woman’s lap, looks outwards with an innocent gaze. The seated woman, likely the matriarch, exudes a maternal warmth and a dignified composure distinctive of neoclassical portraiture. The second woman, who seems to be the mother of the playful children, reaches out towards them while also conveying a sense of grace and watchfulness.

To the right, a young man stands, his body slightly turned away from the group, as though momentarily distracted by something in the distance. Despite this, his gaze remains fixed upon the family members, suggesting his protective or overseeing role.

The artist has masterfully depicted the familial bonds with tenderness and has infused the scene with a pastoral calm. The lush foliage and the soft, diffused light suggest a late afternoon setting, whilst a small dog in the foreground and the basket of flowers contribute to the tranquil domestic atmosphere. The sartorial details of the clothing give insight into the fashion of the period and indicate a sense of social status, while the overall composition reflects the tranquility and ordered beauty typical of Neoclassical works.

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