A family portrait in a river landscape by Adele Romany

A family portrait in a river landscape - Adele Romany - 1807

Artwork Information

TitleA family portrait in a river landscape
ArtistAdele Romany
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions97.8 x 131.3 cm.
Art MovementNeoclassicism
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About A family portrait in a river landscape

“A Family Portrait in a River Landscape” is a oil on canvas painting by Adele Romany, painted in 1807.  The painting, measuring 97.8 x 131.3 cm., showcases Romany’s adeptness with the brush, capturing the essence of family life set against a bucolic backdrop. The artwork is a fine example of her ability to blend figures with natural settings, creating a harmonious composition that invites viewers into a serene, pastoral world.

Adele Romany, a French painter born on December 7, 1769, and passing on June 6, 1846, created the artwork titled “A Family Portrait in a River Landscape.” This piece is a testament to her skill in oil painting and reflects the Neoclassicism style that was prevalent during her time. Romany, also known by the names Marie Jeanne Romanee and Adele de Romance, was an accomplished artist known for her portraits and miniatures, particularly of individuals from the performing arts sector.

Romany’s legacy includes a variety of works, many of which are portraits, such as those of Amelie-Justine and Charles-Edouard Pontois, Aglae-Constance Boudard in a red velvet dress, and a young person hesitating to play the piano in front of her family. Her paintings are celebrated for their quality and attention to detail, and “A Family Portrait in a River Landscape” is no exception.

Adele Romany’s contributions to the art world continue to be recognized and appreciated, with her works being accessible to a wider audience through reproductions and displays in various art databases and museums. Her portrayal of familial bonds within the idyllic setting of a river landscape remains a cherished piece, reflecting the timeless appeal of her artistic vision.

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