A Few Small Nips (1935) by Frida Kahlo

A Few Small Nips - Kahlo, Frida - 1935 - 2

Artwork Information

TitleA Few Small Nips
ArtistFrida Kahlo
MediumOil on Metal
Dimensions30 x 40 cm
Art MovementNaïve Art (Primitivism)
Current LocationDolores Olmedo Collection, Mexico City, Mexico
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About A Few Small Nips

A Few Small Nips by Frida Kahlo, painted in 1935, is a powerful representation of the hurt she felt due to her husband’s affair with her younger sister. The painting depicts the murdered body of a woman who stands alone and surrounded by darkness with 20 knife wounds – symbolizing betrayal and immense pain. Frida added various additions over the years, showing the recurrence of her pain as she revisited this piece. This is best seen in one of the later versions with small monkeys near the woman’s feet – a reference to infidelity.

Due to its intense emotions and symbolism, this painting has been widely revered and it has been said that this work of art speaks louder than words ever could. It continues to captivate millions worldwide and offers an example of a new style for emotional expression through art.

To contrast Kahlo’s pain-filled masterpiece, we can look at Medfield by George Inness from 1877. This landscape artwork offers an impressionistic portrayal of natural beauty – bringing harmony and peace to viewers instead of pain and suffering as depicted in Kahlo’s painting. Inness captures subtle details within his tranquil scene, allowing viewers to forget their troubles for a moment and drift into a calming world beyond reality. Although vastly different in their approaches, these two works find a common ground in the power that emotion holds within them; proving that art can be more than just aesthetically pleasing sights but also convey powerful messages and feelings worth hearing.

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