A Man Reading In A Garden (c. 1866-68) by Honore Daumier

A Man Reading In A Garden - Honore Daumier - c. 1866-68

Artwork Information

TitleA Man Reading In A Garden
ArtistHonore Daumier
Datec. 1866-68
MediumWatercolor Over Black Chalk, With Pen And Ink, Wash, And Conte Crayon On Wove Paper
Dimensions33.8 x 27 cm
Current LocationThe Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York
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About A Man Reading In A Garden

Honoré Daumier, a French artist of the 19th century, was known for his satirical artwork of politics and society. Among his works is “A Man Reading In A Garden,” a watercolor over black chalk on wove paper. Created between 1866-68, the painting features expressive brushwork similar to that of Francisco Goya, Eugène Delacroix, and Théodore Géricault.

The artwork showcases an older man sitting in a garden engrossed in reading a book. Loose brushstrokes give the painting a dynamic quality while defining aspects such as folds in clothing and sunlight filtering through trees. Daumier utilizes pen and ink for added texture while creating depth with washes and Conte crayons.

“A Man Reading In A Garden” has been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London as part of their collection. The artwork is an example of Daumier’s realist style infused with emotional expressionism seen most prominently through his liberal use of brushstrokes. Google Arts & Culture also features content from over 2000 museums and archives online for individuals to view this piece among various others by Daumier.

In summary, Honore Daumier created “A Man Reading In A Garden,” an expressive realist painting featuring loose brushwork and mixed media elements such as pen-and-ink lines, washes, and Conte crayons. This particular piece has been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts among other locations with Google making it available for public viewing through their virtual museum platform alongside other artworks from around the world.

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