A Morning Snow – Hudson River (1910) by George Bellows

A Morning Snow - Hudson River - George Bellows - 1910

Artwork Information

TitleA Morning Snow - Hudson River
ArtistGeorge Bellows
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions45 3/8 x 63 1/4 in. (115.3 x 160.7 cm)
Current LocationThe Brooklyn Museum, New York

About A Morning Snow - Hudson River

George Wesley Bellows’ oil painting titled “A Morning Snow–Hudson River” depicts a scenic view of the Hudson River and New Jersey from Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Completed in 1910, the painting measures 45 1/16 x 63 3/16 inches (114.5 x 160.5 cm) and currently hangs in the Brooklyn Museum’s American Art Galleries on the fifth floor as a part of The City and the Rise of the Modern Woman exhibit.

The artwork showcases a sense of bustling city life with its depiction of people walking through freshly fallen snow as a man shovels alongside them. This piece is part of Bellows’ series highlighting New York City under snowfall, offering viewers an opportunity to observe city transformations during winter months.

Aside from its historical significance, A Morning Snow–Hudson River also demonstrates Bellows’ talent for capturing light, shadow, and color transitions in nature. The way he portrays sunlight reflecting off icy surfaces creates a striking contrast to darker shadows caused by buildings and trees dotting the landscape.

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