A plan of Imola (1502; Italy) by Leonardo da Vinci

A plan of Imola - Leonardo da Vinci - 1502; Italy

Artwork Information

TitleA plan of Imola
ArtistLeonardo da Vinci
Date1502; Italy
Dimensions60.2 x 44 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance

About A plan of Imola

The artwork titled “A plan of Imola” is a remarkable piece by the esteemed artist Leonardo da Vinci, created in the year 1502 during the period of the High Renaissance in Italy. The piece is executed using media that includes chalk, wash, ink, and paper to produce a design that features a remarkable blend of artistic skill and technical knowledge. The dimensions of this notable artwork are 60.2 x 44 cm. As a work of design, it reflects not only the artistic sensibilities of the time but also the advanced understanding of cartography and urban planning that distinguished da Vinci from his contemporaries.

Emanating a sense of mathematical precision and attention to detail, the artwork illustrates a bird’s-eye view of the city of Imola, arranged within a circular framework. The concentric nature of the plan emphasizes the fortifications, roads, structures, and other urban elements, with a natural sense of scale. Subtle coloration differentiates the land from the water, enhancing the visual comprehension of the city’s layout.

Adding to the artwork’s utility and uniqueness are various annotations presumably providing information about the city’s features. The meticulous rendering of streets and blocks showcases Leonardo’s innovative approach to cartography, which was quite progressive for his time, as it leverages ichnographic techniques – a map-drawing methodology that represents a ground plan with all details in true size without perspective.

“A plan of Imola” captures not only the High Renaissance’s emphasis on harmony, proportion, and perspective but also Leonardo’s immense capacity for observation, revealing a synthesis of art and science that defined his genius and contributed to the intellectual advancements of his era.

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