A Quarry (c.1498) by Albrecht Durer

A Quarry - Albrecht Durer - c.1498

Artwork Information

TitleA Quarry
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationKupferstichkabinett Berlin, Berlin, Germany

About A Quarry

“A Quarry” is a landscape artwork created by Albrecht Dürer around 1498, as part of the Northern Renaissance art movement. It is completed in watercolor and represents the genre of landscape. This particular piece is housed at the Kupferstichkabinett in Berlin, Germany.

The artwork presents a naturalistic depiction of a rocky landscape, which is presumably a quarry. It demonstrates the early use of watercolor to capture the details and tones of nature. On the face of the cliff that occupies most of the composition, one can observe subtle gradations of color and light, creating a sense of volume and depth. There appears to be a tree or shrub at the precipice of the rock formation, with bare branches that reach into the open space of the composition, providing a contrast to the solidity of the rocks. The use of light and shadow by Dürer enhances the three-dimensionality of the quarry and exemplifies his skill at rendering landscapes with lifelike accuracy. The color palette is quite limited, but Dürer manages to create a strong sense of texture and materiality.

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