A Reader (c.1877) by Albert Joseph Moore

A Reader - Albert Joseph Moore - c.1877

Artwork Information

TitleA Reader
ArtistAlbert Joseph Moore
Dimensions32 x 87.2 cm
Art MovementAcademicism
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About A Reader

The artwork titled “A Reader” is an oil painting on canvas created by the artist Albert Joseph Moore around 1877 in the United Kingdom. The piece belongs to the Academicism movement and is considered a genre painting. It measures 32 cm in width and 87.2 cm in height, showcasing the artist’s skill in depicting detailed textures and fabrics within a domestic setting.

The painting depicts a solitary female figure engrossed in reading a book. The woman is dressed in classical attire, with a flowing white robe adorned with intricate patterns and an orange undergarment, which hints at the Neoclassical interests of the Academic art movement of that time. She stands against a richly patterned backdrop of floral wallpaper, which accents her figure and the sense of quiet concentration. The detailed textures of the fabric of her clothing and the drapery demonstrate Moore’s commitment to rendering fine detail and his aesthetic interest in beauty, form, and decoration, characteristics commonly attributed to the tastes of the late Victorian era.

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