A Workbasket (1879) by Albert Joseph Moore

A Workbasket - Albert Joseph Moore - 1879

Artwork Information

TitleA Workbasket
ArtistAlbert Joseph Moore
Dimensions27.3 x 36.8 cm
Art MovementAcademicism
Current LocationArt Gallery of South Australia (AGSA), Adelaide, Australia
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About A Workbasket

The painting titled “A Workbasket,” created by the artist Albert Joseph Moore in 1879, is an oil on canvas that belongs to the Academicism art movement. Measuring 27.3 x 36.8 cm, this genre painting is part of the collection at the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA) located in Adelaide, Australia.

In the artwork, there is a serene and elegant depiction of a woman who appears to be dozing off or resting on a couch with lush fabrics and decorative motifs. The soft pastel colors create a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere. The woman is adorned in sheer, flowing garments that delicately drape over her form, allowing for a play of light and texture. A red headscarf adds a touch of color to her ensemble and contrasts with her calm, pale complexion. As suggested by the title, a workbasket can be seen in the lower part of the composition, possibly indicating that the woman was engaged in needlework or a similar task before succumbing to slumber. The painting meticulously captures the intimate moment and is indicative of Moore’s style, which often focused on aesthetic beauty and a dreamy, idealized representation of figures and settings.

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