Abduction of Europa (1559-62) by Titian

Abduction of Europa - Titian - 1559-62

Artwork Information

TitleAbduction of Europa
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions185 x 205 cm
Current LocationIsabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston

About Abduction of Europa

The Abduction of Europa by Titian, completed in 1559-62, is an outstanding example of the Italian painter’s ability to convey human emotions in a stunning visual form. This painting features a masterful blend of inviting colors and intense movement to portray the subject matter, which comes from Greek mythology. The scene itself is based on the story of Jupiter kidnapping Europa in the form of a garlanded white bull. Despite being taken by surprise and trying to defend herself with arms and legs flying, she eventually finds herself in Crete where she bore Minos. To this day, Titian’s interpretation remains unparalleled within its genre.

Aside from the Abduction of Europa, Titian also produced another important work at around that same time period – Portrait Of Doge Andrea Gritti. This particular painting was made between 1544-45 and features a full length portrait style unlike any other artwork from that era. It is noted for its vivid colors and subtle texture which highlights Gritti’s power and presence as an important figure in Italy politics at the time with his impressive garments and accessories. Overall, both paintings demonstrate the exquisite talents possessed by Titian that have earned him special influence throughout the journey of Renaissance art history.

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