Abstract Art Project #42 (2016) by Karina Plachetka

Abstract Art Project #42 - Karina Plachetka - 2016

Artwork Information

TitleAbstract Art Project #42
ArtistKarina Plachetka
MediumAcrylic, Gouache on Cardboard

About Abstract Art Project #42

The artwork titled “Abstract Art Project #42” is a piece by artist Karina Plachetka, completed in the year 2016. The medium utilized is acrylic and gouache on cardboard, and the piece measures 17.3 by 25.2 inches. Ascribed to the abstract genre, the artwork is part of the broader abstract art movement.

This artwork is a dynamic composition that features an interplay of textures and color swatches seemingly applied with a combination of vigorous brushstrokes and perhaps more subdued gestures. Dominated by a vibrant spectrum of green hues, white, and pockets of dark tones that may include black or deep gray, the painting evokes a naturalistic impression reminiscent of a somewhat chaotic pastoral scene or a topographical vista viewed from aloft. The presence of white and lighter areas gives the piece a sense of spatial depth and contrast, providing a visual break from the more saturated sections, while dabs of pure white paint might suggest a spontaneity in the artistic process. The lack of a clear focal point underscores its abstract nature, encouraging viewers to personally interpret the spatial relationships and emotive qualities of the palette and composition. The combination of the fluidity of gouache with the texture that can be achieved with acrylic paint contributes to the sense of motion and dynamic energy that is palpable in this piece.

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