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TitleAcragas, Temple Of Juno Lacinia
ArtistGreek Art

About Acragas, Temple Of Juno Lacinia

The Temple of Juno Lacinia, located in Agrigento, Sicily, is a remarkable example of ancient Greek art and architecture. Built around 450 BC in honor of the goddess Hera Lacinia, it boasts a floor plan of around 38.15 meters long by 16.90 meters wide, with thirty-four columns (6.44 meters high) surrounding it. This temple is one of the many ancient Greek temples that draw tourists to Agrigentum (Akragas), an ancient city built on a cliff by two rivers south-coast Sicily.

Other well-known temples include the Temples of Concordia, Zeus Olympios, and Hercules; these date back to the first period of Acragas from the 6th -5th century BC. The location and design give an idea about how great architects planned structures before modern methods existed for achieving exactness and symmetry in architectural details.

The City’s root words mean powerful town/fighting Parisians which relate strongly to their military prowess upon commencement from Gela. There are anecdotal stories about wonder-inspiring gargantuan statues on the entrances to Akragas city’s walls that must’ve been quite a sight back then! In conclusion, Juno Lacinina serves more than just being an impressive archaeological mecca; it serves as evidence that allows us to look through history at our ever-evolving abilities as humans- both architecturally and artistically speaking!

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