Adobes and Shed, New Mexico (1925) by Edward Hopper

Adobes and Shed, New Mexico - Edward Hopper - 1925

Artwork Information

TitleAdobes and Shed, New Mexico
ArtistEdward Hopper
Dimensions50.67 x 35.4 cm
Art MovementNew Realism

About Adobes and Shed, New Mexico

The artwork “Adobes and Shed, New Mexico” is a creation by Edward Hopper, dating back to 1925. Executed in watercolor on paper, it measures 50.67 by 35.4 cm and is classified as a landscape painting within the New Realism art movement.

In the artwork, a clear New Mexican landscape is depicted with an emphasis on the architectural forms of adobe structures. The composition is serene, capturing the stillness and the subtle interplay of light and shadow characteristic of the American Southwest. A warm-toned adobe wall extends across the right side of the painting, leading to buildings in the background that nestle under a pale blue sky. In contrast, the foreground features a dark shed with an open door—a stark, shaded form against the light-drenched scene. The shed is constructed of wood logs, offering textural diversity when compared to the smooth finish of the adobe walls. A rustic fence connects to the shed, and a carriage sits parked beside it, underscoring the rural, utilitarian nature of the scene. Sparse vegetation dots the landscape, including a small tree with delicate branches reaching upwards, offering a touch of organic form to the geometric solidity of the buildings. The careful placement of these elements reveals Hopper’s skill in creating a composition where every component adds to the tranquil, isolated atmosphere that the artist often explored in his works.

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