After Holbein by Jasper Johns

After Holbein - Jasper Johns -

Artwork Information

TitleAfter Holbein
ArtistJasper Johns

About After Holbein

The artwork titled “After Holbein,” created by Jasper Johns, falls within the genre of portraiture. This particular portrait by Johns is presumably inspired by the works of Hans Holbein the Younger, a German painter and printmaker known for his detailed representation of the nobility of the time.

The artwork features a series of patterned and crosshatched lines in various colors that construct the image of a figure. The predominant lines and colors create a sense of depth and texture. The figure is delineated with heavy outlines, filled in with stripes of red, blue, and yellow, with hints of other colors interspersed throughout. This creates a rich tapestry of shades and tones, while still allowing the recognition of a human profile to emerge from the abstracted and stylized representation. The patterned treatment gives the impression of traditional garments, perhaps suggesting the attire of a noble as per Holbein’s era. The use of color and line in the artwork seems to abstract the form, making it a modern homage to the classical portrait style. Jasper Johns’ technique in “After Holbein” manages to blend a respect for traditional portraiture with contemporary forms and methods, resulting in an artwork that bridges the past and present.

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