Alberi (1908) by Piet Mondrian

Alberi - Piet Mondrian - 1908

Artwork Information

ArtistPiet Mondrian
Art MovementImpressionism

About Alberi

“Alberi” is an artwork by Piet Mondrian, created in 1908. The medium used for this piece is oil on canvas. It belongs to the Impressionism movement and falls into the landscape genre.

In the painting, the artist depicts a grove of trees, rendered with the brisk brushwork characteristic of Impressionism, capturing the fleeting effects of light and atmosphere. The palette appears to be somewhat muted, with different shades of greens and earth tones dominating the scene, suggesting a natural setting under either the diffuse light of an overcast sky or the golden hues of a setting or rising sun. The strokes are dynamic and somewhat textured, giving vibrancy and a sense of movement to the foliage and the scenery itself. The composition is balanced yet infused with a spontaneous energy typical of Impressionist landscapes, aiming to convey the artist’s immediate perception of the scene before him.

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