Alix-genevieve De Seytres-caumont, Comtesse De Tournon (1812) by Jean-auguste-dominique Ingres

Alix-genevieve De Seytres-caumont, Comtesse De Tournon - Jean-auguste-dominique Ingres - 1812

Artwork Information

TitleAlix-genevieve De Seytres-caumont, Comtesse De Tournon
ArtistJean-auguste-dominique Ingres
MediumOil On Canvas
Current LocationPhiladelphia Museum Of Art

About Alix-genevieve De Seytres-caumont, Comtesse De Tournon

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres is a French neoclassical painter renowned for his ability to capture the essence of his subjects. One such masterpiece is his portrait of Alix-Geneviève de Seytres-Caumont, Comtesse de Tournon, completed in 1812. Housed in the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, PA, US, this oil painting is a reproduction hand-painted by Ingres himself.

Alix-Geneviève de Seytres-Caumont was born in 1756 to Joseph-François-Xavier de Seytres de Caumont and Marie Anne Geneviève de Montboissier-Beaufort-Canillac. She married Alexandre François Xavier de Tournon Simiane and bore him seven children before passing away on January 11th, 1837. The painting showcases her regal beauty and refined elegance that epitomized high society during this period.

Ingres’ attention to detail highlights important aspects of the sitter’s features such as her luminous complexion and sparkling eyes. Her clothing also reflects the fashion aesthetic of the time with its intricate detailing and elaborate lacework. It is a testament to Ingres’ skill that he was able to create a realistic portrayal without losing any sense of artistic expressionism.

Overall, Ingres’ portrait of Alix-Geneviève de Seytres-Caumont stands out for its exquisite detail and exceptional technique. This artwork attests to the influence that neoclassical art had on producing portraits which were both aesthetically pleasing while also capturing what it meant to be part of high society in France during the early 19th century.

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