Allegory of Love. Cupid and Psyche by Francisco Goya

Allegory of Love. Cupid and Psyche - Francisco Goya -

Artwork Information

TitleAllegory of Love. Cupid and Psyche
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Art MovementRomanticism,Rococo

About Allegory of Love. Cupid and Psyche

The artwork “Allegory of Love. Cupid and Psyche” is a creation by the esteemed artist Francisco Goya, associated with the Romanticism and Rococo art movements and characterized as an allegorical painting. This piece embodies the aesthetic and thematic preoccupations of the Romantic and Rococo periods, which often explored themes of love, emotion, and the ethereal.

In the artwork, two figures are prominently featured in an intimate and dynamic interaction. On the left, Cupid is depicted with his iconic wings and appears to be in motion, his body leaning towards the figure on the right—Psyche. He is clothed in a red garment that loosely drapes around his lower body, and his facial expression is one of focused intent as he reaches out with his hand. Psyche, lying on a bed, has a relaxed posture, reclining with her left elbow supporting her head. Her expression is one of serene contentment or gentle pleasure, suggesting a moment of affection or tender interaction between the two mythological beings.

Psyche is adorned in a white garment that showcases the Rococo style’s fascination with ornate clothing and soft textiles. There is a noticeable contrast in light and shadow within the scene, which contributes to the painting’s overall drama and emphasizes the figures. The darkness of the background isolates the characters, directing the viewer’s attention to the interplay of light on their forms and the intimate connection they share.

Details such as the soft folds of Psyche’s clothing, the feathery texture of Cupid’s wings, and the fluidity of their poses are rendered with a sensitivity that is characteristic of both Romantic and Rococo aesthetics. Overall, the artwork captures a mythical narrative with an emotional depth befitting the allegory of love it aims to represent.

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