Allegory of Wisdom and Strength (c. 1580) by Paolo Veronese

Allegory of Wisdom and Strength - Paolo Veronese - c. 1580

Artwork Information

TitleAllegory of Wisdom and Strength
ArtistPaolo Veronese
Datec. 1580
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions84 1/2 x 65 3/4 in. (214.6 x 167 cm)
Current LocationFrick Collection, New York

About Allegory of Wisdom and Strength

Allegory Of Wisdom And Strength was painted by Paolo Veronese between 1570-1575 and is part of the genre of mythological paintings. The artwork currently hangs in the Frick Collection in New York City. In it, two separate themes are depicted: wisdom and strength. In the painting, wisdom is represented by a female figure looking up towards the heavens, while on her right-hand side is a male figure depicting strength, who gazes upon gemstones.

The artwork provides much insight into its time period with its representation of these themes, which were highly valued during that era. Veronese’s skillful usage of lighting and textures gives the painting a sense of depth and adds to its beauty. Combined with his naturalistic portrayal of figures, Allegory Of Wisdom And Strength makes for an excellent example of 16th century painting in Italy.

Another great example from Jan Vermeer’s oeuvre is Woman In Blue Reading A Letter – painted around 1663-1664 – which speaks to his masterful use of light throughout his works. In this particular piece, there’s a sense that the woman’s attention has been caught by something outside her window that she cannot see; however, we can’t be certain what this may be as Vermeer does not provide clues as to what it is. Regardless, Woman in Blue Reading A Letter stands out for its subtle use of light and color – making it another timeless classic from one of Europe’s master painters.

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