Alphabet (1969) by Jasper Johns

Alphabet - Jasper Johns - 1969

Artwork Information

ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementNeo-Dada

About Alphabet

The artwork titled “Alphabet,” created by Jasper Johns in 1969, is a notable piece within the Neo-Dada movement. The genre of this work is abstract, and it reflects the experimental and often ironic approach characteristic of Neo-Dada, which sought to bridge the gap between abstract expressionism and pop art through its embrace of mundane objects and graphic design elements.

“Alphabet” exhibits a network of overlapping and intersecting lines that appear to have been meticulously drawn with a form of technical precision. The lines create patterns and textures across the canvas that are evocative of lettering or linguistic symbols, yet they resist forming into legible text. The abstract nature of the work means that the letters and potential words are subverted, making the viewer question the traditional role of language and communication.

The hue of the artwork is a monochrome palette, relying heavily on the contrast between the surface and the lines to generate visual interest. The linear elements are densely layered upon each other, suggesting depth and the cumulative construction of meaning, which is both random and structured.

Conceptually, Jasper Johns’ work often revolves around themes of perception and the conflation of object and symbol. In “Alphabet,” the symbols that construct language become visual motifs, detached from their utility but still commanding the viewer’s attempt at recognition and interpretation. The artwork is a testament to Johns’ ingenuity and his enduring influence on contemporary art, exploring the boundary between abstraction and representation.

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