Amherst Campus, No. 1 (1969) by Fairfield Porter

Amherst Campus, No

Artwork Information

TitleAmherst Campus, No. 1
ArtistFairfield Porter
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions62 x 46 in
Art MovementContemporary Realism
Current LocationParrish Art Museum, Southampton, New York
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About Amherst Campus, No. 1

Amherst Campus No. 1 is a painting created by American painter and art critic, Fairfield Porter in 1969. This painting depicts a view of the Amherst College campus in Massachusetts, where Porter graduated from in 1928. The painting is owned by the Parrish Art Museum located in Water Mill, New York.

Porter was known as one of the foremost practitioners of representational painting during the mid-20th century American art world. Amherst Campus No. 1 is part of Porter’s domestic scenes and landscapes series which depicts a relaxed and comfortable world that mirrors his own affluent, well-connected existence.

The painting itself portrays a peaceful view of the campus grounds amidst clusters of trees with buildings rising up in the background. It displays an understated sense of confidence through its careful use of color and technique. The perspective appears almost photographic with sharply defined areas reminiscent of analogue photographs from an earlier time period.

To see this artwork firsthand can give viewers a unique insight into both Fairfield Porter’s interpretation on life as well as his artistic technique. Through his brush strokes and vivid colors that invoke emotion, he successfully transports viewers to serenity paired with emotional stability for moments at a time through his portraits portrayed in paintings such as these.

Overall, Amherst Campus No.1 holds great historical significance within America’s art world due to its focal point on capturing realistic imagery while still keeping refined artistic aesthetics seen within that century’s artists – making it highly sought-after by collectors who admire American modernism artworks centred around realism.

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