Ancient Sound, Abstract on Black (1925) by Paul Klee

Ancient Sound, Abstract on Black - Paul Klee - 1925

Artwork Information

TitleAncient Sound, Abstract on Black
ArtistPaul Klee
MediumOil on cardboard
Dimensions15 x 15 in.
Art MovementAbstract Art
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About Ancient Sound, Abstract on Black

Ancient Sound, Abstract on Black is a painting by Paul Klee, who was a Swiss-born German artist. Created in 1925, this oil painting on cardboard measures 38x38cm and can be found in the Kunstsammlung Basel. Klee drew inspiration from various art movements including expressionism, cubism, and surrealism. He was also deeply interested in orientalism and incorporated this influence into his work.

The painting’s title references its abstract nature as well as its content. Using bold black lines and a limited color palette of reds and yellows with hints of blue, Klee seems to depict an ancient script or language that is illegible to the viewer but somehow recognizable. The shapes suggest calligraphy or musical notes.

Klee’s highly individual style combined with his exploration of color theory make “Ancient Sound, Abstract on Black” an essential piece for analyzing modern art movements. Additionally, prints and reproductions are available for purchase for those interested in owning a part of Klee’s legacy.”

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