And It Cannot Be Changed (1812 – 1814) by Francisco Goya

And It Cannot Be Changed - Francisco Goya - 1812 - 1814

Artwork Information

TitleAnd It Cannot Be Changed
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Date1812 - 1814
Art MovementRomanticism

About And It Cannot Be Changed

The artwork titled “And It Cannot Be Changed” was created by the illustrious artist Francisco Goya between the years 1812 and 1814. This significant piece is crafted through the mediums of aquatint and etching on paper and is categorically aligned with the art movement known as Romanticism. The genre of the artwork is caricature, and it forms part of the renowned series “The Disasters of War”.

The artwork depicts a devastating scene, characterized by a stark contrast of light and shadows, inherent to the technique of aquatint. It shows what appears to be a lifeless body lying on the ground, with an intense focus on a standing figure that seems bound to a post. The expressions and postures of the figures are rendered with dramatic effect, evoking a sense of despair and helplessness. A group of individuals can be observed in the background, possibly awaiting a similar fate, projecting an overall atmosphere of tragedy and the cruel realities of war. Goya’s exceptional ability to convey the horrors of conflict and the depth of human suffering is palpable in this evocative portrayal. It serves as a powerful testament to the relentless brutality of war and its irreversible consequences on humanity.

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