Angel of the Annunciation (c.1560) by Titian

Angel of the Annunciation - Titian - c.1560

Artwork Information

TitleAngel of the Annunciation
Dimensions422 x 279 cm
Art MovementMannerism (Late Renaissance)
Current LocationUffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

About Angel of the Annunciation

The artwork “Angel of the Annunciation” by Titian, dated circa 1560, is an exemplar piece from the Mannerism movement of the Late Renaissance. It is a sketch and study with dimensions of 422 x 279 cm and is presently held in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. This large-scale work reflects the artist’s expertise in crafting preparatory studies for more complex compositions.

The artwork captures the dynamism and energy of an angelic figure, depicted in the act of Annunciation. With expertly sketched contours, the angel appears to be in motion, its drapery flowing elegantly and creating a sense of otherworldly grace. The use of stark contrasts between light and shadow adds to the dramatic effect and imbues the figure with a sense of depth and volume.

Titian’s skillful handling of the medium is evident in the way he has captured the angel’s expression and the fluidity of its garment. The sense of movement and the intricate play of lines suggest the anticipation of an imminent divine revelation. The sketch serves both as a study of form and as a vehicle for the artist’s exploration of religious and celestial themes, typical of the Mannerist period’s fascination with complex poses and the emotional intensity of its subjects.

In summary, “Angel of the Annunciation” stands as a significant testament to Titian’s contribution to the Late Renaissance art, embodying both the technical proficiency and the evocative potential of preparatory artworks in the broader context of Italian Mannerism.

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