Angel (1520 – 1522) by Titian

Angel - Titian - 1520 - 1522

Artwork Information

Date1520 - 1522
Dimensions79 x 65 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationSanti Nazaro e Celso, Brescia, Italy

About Angel

The artwork “Angel” is a religious painting by the acclaimed High Renaissance artist Titian, completed between 1520 and 1522. It is an oil on wood creation with dimensions of 79 by 65 cm. This piece is part of the “Polyptych of the Resurrection” series and is housed at the Santi Nazaro e Celso in Brescia, Italy.

In the artwork, the figure of an angel is captured in a dynamic pose, demonstrating Titian’s mastery of form and movement. The angel’s face is turned to catch the viewer’s attention, conveying a sense of immediacy and engagement. Rich textures in the angel’s flowing garments are exquisitely painted, showcasing the skill with which Renaissance artists portrayed the interplay of light and shadow. The figure holds a ribbon with the words “AVE GRATIA PLENA,” which translate to “Hail, full of grace,” a phrase commonly associated with the Annunciation in Christian iconography, indicating the angel’s divine message. The physicality and grace of the angel are a testament to the humanistic influence of the period, blending religious subject matter with life-like human representation.

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