Angelica at the rock (After ingres) (1878; France) by Georges Seurat

Angelica at the rock (After ingres) - Georges Seurat - 1878; France

Artwork Information

TitleAngelica at the rock (After ingres)
ArtistGeorges Seurat
Date1878; France
Dimensions83 x 66.3 cm
Art MovementNeoclassicism
Current LocationNorton Simon Museum, Pasadena, CA, US

About Angelica at the rock (After ingres)

The artwork “Angelica at the rock (After Ingres)” by Georges Seurat dates back to 1878 and hails from France. It is executed in the medium of oil on canvas and is a representation of the Neoclassical movement. The dimensions of this literary painting are 83 x 66.3 cm, and it currently resides in the Norton Simon Museum, located in Pasadena, CA, US.

The artwork depicts a solitary female figure in a state of undress, positioned against a nondescript dark background. Her pose is both elegant and dynamic, with one arm raised, hand delicately touching her forehead, while her other arm gently rests upon a rock surface for support. The figure’s body is rendered with a soft luminosity, which contrasts with the shadowy tones of the surroundings, highlighting her form and imbuing the work with a sense of depth.

This piece portrays a moment of dramatic tension, capturing the sensibilities of the Neoclassical genre wherein historical and mythological subjects were commonly illustrated with an emphasis on idealized beauty and poised composition. The figure’s expression carries a sense of introspection or concern, suggesting a narrative context that potentially connects to literary or mythological sources, in keeping with the genre’s practice of drawing inspiration from classical texts and stories.

Seurat’s “Angelica at the rock” pays homage to the styles and themes prominent during the Neoclassical period, demonstrating how the artist was influenced by the legacy of masters such as Ingres, which is underscored by the mention “After Ingres” in the title of the painting.

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