Anne Frank as a Young Girl (2017) by Jerry Ross

Anne Frank as a Young Girl - Jerry Ross - 2017

Artwork Information

TitleAnne Frank as a Young Girl
ArtistJerry Ross
MediumOil on Canvas
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About Anne Frank as a Young Girl

The artwork entitled “Anne Frank as a Young Girl” is an oil on canvas portrait by artist Jerry Ross, created in the year 2017. With dimensions measuring 16 by 12 inches, the piece falls within the genre of portraiture and aligns with the fine art movement.

Upon inspection, the artwork reveals an expressive study of Anne Frank’s visage, emphasizing the iconic and historical resonance of her figure. The artist employs bold, gestural brushstrokes that convey movement and emotion, while the somewhat muted yet warm palette suggests a sense of depth and intimacy. The rendering of light and shadow across the subject’s face creates a lifelike dimensionality, imbuing the portrait with a strong presence.

The artist has opted for a selective focus on certain facial features, such as the eyes, which seem to draw the viewer into a direct and poignant engagement with Anne’s gaze. The fluidity of the brushwork around her face and hat offers a contrast between the form and the background, highlighting the subject amidst a less defined, more abstracted context. Despite the looseness of the painterly technique, there is an evident intent to capture the essence of Anne Frank’s character, potentially reflective of the enduring impact of her personal story and legacy.

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