Annunciation (1559-62) by Titian

Annunciation - Titian - c.1535

Artwork Information

MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions166 x 266 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationChurch of San Salvador, Venice
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About Annunciation

In 1559-62, Titian created an artwork, commissioned by the D’Anna family for their chapels in the church of San Salvador in Venice. The painting depicts the Annunciation and unfolds within a grand, open atrium with a chessboard pavement. Titian’s unique ability to revolutionize the structure of devotional art is evident in this piece as he moved the Madonna into the foreground with the angel behind.

The scene’s composition follows earlier depictions in art, but Titian’s brush strokes are heavily loaded with color for high visual impact. The broad composition leads one’s eyes upwards in a pyramid shape. Uniquely, this painting illustrates Mary looking away from Gabriel as though she were already lost deep in contemplation of her son’s fate on earth.The colors used present a warm tone that enhances its spiritual significance.

This masterpiece is located within the church of San Salvador in Venice and continues to captivate viewers till date. Its symbolism and elegance set it apart from typical religious artworks. It remains one of Titian’s most beloved creations and a testament to his extraordinary painting skills as well as his contribution to Italian art history at large.

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