Apartment View (1993) by Wayne Thiebaud

Apartment View - Wayne Thiebaud - 1993

Artwork Information

TitleApartment View
ArtistWayne Thiebaud
Dimensions152.4 x 122.6 cm
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About Apartment View

One of the most iconic American painters of the 20th century is Wayne Thiebaud. Born in Mesa, Arizona on November 15th, 1920, Thiebaud is known for his artwork containing cakes, pastries, boots, toilets, toys and lipsticks. “Apartment View” is an acrylic painting created in 1993 which lies within Thiebaud’s 143 Collection. The painting is a landscape featuring scattered furniture, box-like apartments and hillsides streets.

The painting also dabbles in color theory as the various shades and tints combined with overlaid elements are reminiscent of a color wheel. It is made up of mellow colors like brown, yellow and green – adding warmth while creating a dreamy scenery rising out from below. The layout of Apartment View has been said to be inspired by his own residence nearby Apartment Hill; it provides viewers a “ritzy” look at one of the newer trends at that time – living close to city centre for convenience and safety reasons.

Henri Ossawa Tanner’s 1898 oil binding titled “The Annunciation” draws from biblical themes as it portrays an angel appearing to Mary with news that she will give birth to Jesus Christ . The central figure in the painting illuminates amidst darkly-coloured environ exhibiting carefree emotion compared to Mary’s astonishment shown with her kneeling pose and wordless facial expression. Throughout the artwork subtle details are present such as lightening originating from God penetrating through clouds or the lilies near Mary’s feet symbolizing purity . Set within a mesmerizing backdrop with layers of clouds behind each figure , Tanner successfully combines every supportive element together with clarity while introducing Jesus into Christianity leading up to Christmas Day 2021 when Thiebaud died too.

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