Apartment View (1993) by Wayne Thiebaud

Apartment View - Wayne Thiebaud - 1993

Artwork Information

TitleApartment View
ArtistWayne Thiebaud
Dimensions152.4 x 122.6 cm
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Apartment View

The artwork titled “Apartment View” is an oil painting created by the artist Wayne Thiebaud in 1993. Residing within the genre of cityscape and aligning with the Expressionism movement, the painting measures 152.4 by 122.6 centimeters. Currently held in a private collection, this work of art presents an urban scene characterized by a distinctive use of color and form.

“Apartment View” captivates the viewer with its perspective of a city seen through the vantage point of an apartment window. The artwork exhibits a juxtaposition of the interior and exterior, with a significant portion of the canvas dedicated to the urban vista spread out before the observer. The observer’s eye is led along a street that vertically bisects the composition, lined with stylized representations of buildings that convey a sense of depth and dimensionality despite their seemingly flat surfaces.

The colors in the cityscape are vivid and varied, suggesting different materials and lights reflecting off the surfaces of the structures. Shadows and highlights are employed to create a dynamic interplay of light, infusing the scene with a sense of the time of day, possibly hinting at either dawn or dusk due to the elongated shadows and warm hues.

The interior is marked by a table set against the window, details of a meal suggesting life and occupancy within the apartment—the still life arrangement on the table counterpointing the lively cityscape outside. The viewer feels as if they have stumbled upon an intimate moment, the tranquility of a personal space contrasted with the bustling urban environment.

The painting’s composition is framed by curtains, which accentuate the feeling of looking out from within and provide a sense of enclosure. This framing device helps to focus the viewer’s attention on the contrast between the interior world and the vast urban space beyond. Overall, Thiebaud’s “Apartment View” offers a rich visual narrative, engaging with themes of perception, space, and the urban experience.

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