Apricots (1866) by Albert Joseph Moore

Apricots - Albert Joseph Moore - 1866

Artwork Information

ArtistAlbert Joseph Moore
Art MovementAcademicism
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About Apricots

“Apricots” is an oil on canvas artwork by Albert Joseph Moore, created in 1866 in the United Kingdom. The piece falls within the Academicism movement and is categorized as a genre painting, representing a style that places an emphasis on high finish, attention to detail, and classical forms.

In this artwork, two figures are depicted against a light background that is adorned with what seems to be a flourishing apricot tree bearing fruit. The figures appear to be two women wearing classical drapery. The draping of the garments is painted with significant attention to the way fabric falls and folds, and there’s a softness to the way their robes wrap around their bodies. The colors are muted yet warm, mainly embodying shades of pinks, whites, and soft oranges, which might indicate the classical influence and the potential symbolism of apricots being associated with youth, springtime, or potentially the golden age of mythology or pastoral life. The women stand in a profile view with one facing away from the spectator, reaching towards leafy branches, embodying a sense of gentleness and poise. The other woman, with a contemplative or pensive expression, looks out toward the viewer, creating a connection with the audience. The setting appears to be serene and simplistic, with little distraction from the subjects themselves. The light source and softer tones give a feeling of calmness and grace to the painting.

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