Aquarell 1 Das Herz Geht Vom Zucker Zum Kaffee (1919) by Kurt Schwitters

Aquarell 1 Das Herz Geht Vom Zucker Zum Kaffee - Kurt Schwitters - 1919

Artwork Information

TitleAquarell 1 Das Herz Geht Vom Zucker Zum Kaffee
ArtistKurt Schwitters
MediumWatercolor And Pencil On Paper
Dimensions11 7/8 x 8 3/4 in. (30.2 x 22.3 cm)
Current LocationThe Museum Of Modern Art, New York
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About Aquarell 1 Das Herz Geht Vom Zucker Zum Kaffee

Kurt Schwitters, a German artist famously associated with the Dada movement, created an interesting watercolor and pencil artwork titled “Aquarell 1 Das Herz Geht Vom Zucker Zum Kaffee” in 1919. The painting portrays a heart shape that transitions from sugar to coffee, using various shades of blue and brown.

Schwitters was known for his innovative approach in creating artistic works out of waste materials he found on the streets. He called his collages “Merz Pictures” and aimed to achieve an artistic synthesis using discarded products. This particular artwork demonstrates his unique perspective on abstract art and his experimental style.

Art collectors have high interest in Kurt Schwitters’ artworks, especially his Merz Pictures. Interestingly, one of Schwitters’ most important works called “The Merzbau” no longer exists as it was destroyed during a British air raid in 1943. However, other notable artworks by the artist include “Aq. 34. Aquarell Fallmann-Springer” and “Pinc.”

In summary, Kurt Schwitters’ artwork “Aquarell 1 Das Herz Geht Vom Zucker Zum Kaffee,” created in 1919 using watercolor and pencil on paper is an excellent example of the artist’s innovative approach to creating art through recycling discarded items found on streets.This painting clearly shows how abstract art can be used to express ideas; it is indeed an intriguing piece for lovers of abstract art with unconventional perspectives such as Schwitters’.

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