Arch, Ashkelon (1993) by Bezalel Levy

Arch, Ashkelon - Bezalel Levy - 1993

Artwork Information

TitleArch, Ashkelon
ArtistBezalel Levy
MediumOil Pastel on Synthetic board

About Arch, Ashkelon

The artwork titled “Arch, Ashkelon” was crafted by Bezalel Levy in 1993. It is an oil pastel creation on synthetic board, with the dimensions of the piece measuring 27 by 40 inches. Classified within the historical-political genre, the artwork aligns with the realism art movement, which is indicative of its potential to depict subjects authentically, without idealization.

Upon examining the artwork, one is immediately struck by its depiction of an architectural feature—an arch—which appears weathered and bears the marks of time. The archway is composed of various bricks or stones, creating a textural contrast with the surrounding wall surfaces that appear smoother. A notable element is the application of color which gives the piece a certain patina, suggesting age, exposure to the elements, and perhaps a narrative tied to historical events.

The lower half of the composition is dominated by a rusty, reddish hue reminiscent of corroded metal, adding to the atmosphere of decay. In contrast, the upper section of the arch displays a subdued palette, hinting at faded grandeur. This dichotomy visually represents the passage of time and its impact on structures and, implicitly, on the societies that built them.

Beneath the arch, the presence of lush greenery tentatively advances into the scene, softening the otherwise stark decay with a sense of life and continuation. This overgrowth could imply nature’s reclaiming of human-made structures, a motif often explored within the realm of historical and political art to comment on the transient nature of human endeavors.

The focus on realism in the piece is evident through the detailed rendering of textures and surfaces, capturing the true-to-life decay and resilience that historic edifices often exhibit. The overall effect is one that evokes a sense of contemplation about the past, the inevitable wear of time, and the stories embedded in the silent witnesses of history that ancient structures invariably are.

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