Assumption and Coronation of the Virgin by Albrecht Durer

Assumption and Coronation of the Virgin - Albrecht Durer -

Artwork Information

TitleAssumption and Coronation of the Virgin
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance

About Assumption and Coronation of the Virgin

The artwork “Assumption and Coronation of the Virgin” is a sketch and study by the artist Albrecht Dürer associated with the Northern Renaissance art movement. It was created as part of his Study on the “Heller Altarpiece.” This piece showcases Dürer’s mastery in line drawing and his capacity to convey a complex religious scene.

In the sketch, the scene is filled with an array of figures and is rich with religious iconography depicting a momentous biblical event. The Virgin Mary is at the center, being lifted by angels towards heaven as part of her Assumption. Occupying the heavenly space above her is a configuration of divine figures and angels, one of whom appears to be placing a crown on her head—symbolizing her Coronation. Below, a group of apostles gathers around an open sarcophagus from which Mary is assumed to have risen; their expressions and gestures convey a mix of wonder and reverence. The composition is dense and dynamic, with a variety of angels swirling around in amazement, accentuating the miraculous nature of the event. The detailed work on each figure, as well as the careful arrangement of the scene, reflects Dürer’s skillful hand and ability to plan for more complex compositions in his later paintings and engravings.

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