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TitleAthens, Parthenon, East Facade
ArtistGreek Art

About Athens, Parthenon, East Facade

The Parthenon, a temple located on the Acropolis of Athens, is considered one of the greatest examples of Greek art and architecture. Constructed between 447 BCE and 438 BCE as part of a vast program by Athenian statesman Perikles, the Parthenon was completed with a magnificent gold and ivory statue of Athena inside.

The structure’s intricate design incorporated classical elements such as columns, pediments, and friezes that created an impression of perfection and power. The external decoration continued until 432 BCE in high relief carvings called metopes which depicted mythical battles that alluded to significant periods in Greece’s past like the Greco-Persian Wars.

The East Facade showcased some memorable sculptures that spoke volumes about its designers’ artistry. In this section, there was an enormous entrance porch with six Doric columns at either end. Above them were Pediments filled with sculptures carved from Marble; they displayed battles between Gods and Heroes amid beautiful backgrounds. Moreover, the sculptures were precisely proportioned to human scale to create realistic impressions that further enhanced their beauty.

Today even after surviving earthquakes invasions fires bombardments and intentional destruction such as use during Venetian siege in 1687 when it was converted into gunpowder store for Turkish defenders; remnants still exist both onsite at Athens Museum where many are displayed or virtually through high-quality scans you can experience anywhere globally giving a glimpse into these relics’ rich history within Classical Greece’s artistic heritage.

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