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TitleAthens, Temple Of Athena Nike
ArtistGreek Art

About Athens, Temple Of Athena Nike

The Temple of Athena Nike is a remarkable example of Greek art, located on the historic Acropolis in Athens. Designed by the renowned architect Kallikrates, this small temple was built in 420 BCE as part of the restoration efforts after the Persian invasion of 480 BCE. Its purpose was to welcome visitors to Athena’s complex and honor both Athena and Nike.

This fully Ionic temple houses a statue of the goddess Nike, a symbol of victory that likely pays tribute to Greece’s triumph over Persia. The structure’s beautiful sculptural decorations include an Ionic frieze and relief-carved frieze depicting a gripping battle between Greeks and Persians.

Strategically located on the southwest bastion of the Acropolis, this temple is an integral part of an ancient sanctuary dating back to Mycenaean times. It replaced older temples whose remains are thought to be preserved within its bastions.

The Temple of Athena Nike is not only significant for its historical context but also for its stunning aesthetic beauty that sets it apart from other structures on the Acropolis. The parapet relief depicting Victory repeated around this structure emphasizes Ancient Greece’s importance in celebrating achievements and winning.

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