Atjema standing by Egyptian Art

Atjema standing - Egyptian Art -

Artwork Information

TitleAtjema standing
ArtistEgyptian Art
Dimensions91 cm
Current LocationEgyptian Museum, Cairo

About Atjema standing

Atjema, a prominent figure in Ancient Egyptian art, is portrayed in a classic Old Kingdom pose while holding a cylindrical object. This art style emerged during the dynastic periods in Egypt and Nubia, where the decoration of tomb walls or temple murals reinforced memories of important ceremonies and royal deeds. Ancient Egyptian art represented socioeconomic status and belief systems and was created using a wide array of materials, both local and imported.

The sunken relief technique was used, which adhered to the same figure convention as in painting, and served a wider purpose of portraying an idealistic and unrealistic view of the world, reflecting their religious and ideological values. Additionally, all art in Ancient Egypt adhered to traditional rules, favoring order and form over creativity and artistic expression, which ensured a perfect balance and reflected the cultural value of ma’at.

In summary, Atjema Standing, a classic Old Kingdom Egyptian art piece, portrays significant cultural and religious values. It was created using a variety of materials, adhering to traditional rules, balance, and form to convey an idealistic view of the world, representing Ancient Egyptian ideology.

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