Attack on a Coach (1793) by Francisco Goya

Attack on a Coach - Francisco Goya - 1793

Artwork Information

TitleAttack on a Coach
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions50 x 32 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Attack on a Coach

The artwork “Attack on a Coach” is a genre painting completed by artist Francisco Goya in 1793, as part of the Romanticism movement. The piece measures 50 by 32 centimeters and is currently held in a private collection.

In the artwork, a dramatic scene unfolds against a backdrop of a stark and rugged landscape. A group of figures appears to be engaged in a violent confrontation around a halted coach. The foreground is littered with bodies, suggesting a fierce attack has taken place. In sharp contrast to the gravity of the situation on the ground, the sky above is rendered with a serene and luminous quality, offering a juxtaposition of calm and chaos. The figure seated atop the coach looks out towards the horizon, his expression one of concern or contemplation, perhaps signifying the unpredictability and peril of journeys during the time period Goya depicts. The painting employs a muted palette with flashes of more vivid colors, such as the red garment, highlighting the intensity and immediacy of the scene. Goya’s brushwork imbues the scene with energy and a sense of movement, characteristic of the Romantic style that often emphasized emotional depth and dramatic narratives.

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