August in the City (1945) by Edward Hopper

August in the City - Edward Hopper - 1945

Artwork Information

TitleAugust in the City
ArtistEdward Hopper
Art MovementSocial Realism

About August in the City

“August in the City,” an artwork crafted by Edward Hopper in 1945, is an exemplary oil on canvas cityscape painting that embodies the Social Realism art movement. As part of Hopper’s thematic ‘Window’ paintings series, this work captures the essence of urban existence through its distinct portrayal of city life.

The artwork illustrates a meticulous cityscape scene, evidently set in the midst of a warm August. The viewpoint offered is from the exterior, focusing on a section of a building with architectural clarity and attention to the play of light and shadow. In the foreground, the white facade of the structure is vividly highlighted by sunlight, while part of an adjacent building adorned with ornate detail provides visual contrast through its shadow cast.

Two prominent windows open to the interior world of the depicted urban edifice. The curtains are drawn back, revealing a glimpse of life within. The indoor space is bathed in soft light, slightly dimmed compared to the brilliance outside, suggesting a tranquil, private atmosphere in contrast to the bright, possibly bustling city environment. This contrast is further underscored by the lush green trees visible in the background, providing a natural element juxtaposed with the man-made structure.

Edward Hopper’s ability to convey the story of urban solitude and the hint of an anonymous occupant’s personal narrative is manifest in this evocative composition. It stands as a silent observer to city life, reflecting the solitary, introspective quality often associated with Hopper’s oeuvre.

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