Autumn, Montfoucault Pond (1875) by Camille Pissarro

Autumn, Montfoucault Pond - Camille Pissarro - 1875

Artwork Information

TitleAutumn, Montfoucault Pond
ArtistCamille Pissarro
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Autumn, Montfoucault Pond

The artwork “Autumn, Montfoucault Pond” was created by the artist Camille Pissarro in the year 1875. It is an oil on canvas painting belonging to the Impressionism movement and encapsulates the landscape genre. This painting is presently housed in a private collection.

The artwork features a bucolic scene set in the countryside during the autumn season. A pond is clearly visible, reflecting the gentle light and colors of the surrounding foliage. The trees exhibit the warm hues of autumn, with leaves in shades of yellow, orange, and green. Prominent in the foreground, there are several cows gathered by the water’s edge, possibly drinking or cooling themselves. Two figures, possibly women, are also present by the pond, one standing and one sitting; their presence is understated, blending harmoniously with the natural environment. The attention to the play of light, the loose yet deliberate brushstrokes, and the vibrant palette are characteristics of the Impressionist style and are effectively employed by Pissarro to capture the essence of a fleeting moment in nature.

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