Away from the Flock (1994) by Damien Hirst

Away from the Flock - Damien Hirst - 1994

Artwork Information

TitleAway from the Flock
ArtistDamien Hirst
MediumSteel, glass, lamb, formaldehyde solution
Dimensions96 x 149 x 51 cm
Art MovementConceptual Art
Current LocationCharles Saatchi

About Away from the Flock

The artwork “Away from the Flock,” created by artist Damien Hirst in 1994, is an instance of Conceptual Art that employs an unorthodox amalgam of materials, including steel, glass, a lamb, and formaldehyde solution. Measuring 96 x 149 x 51 cm, this artwork is categorized as an installation and was at the time located in the collection of Charles Saatchi. The artwork manifests itself as a young lamb suspended in formaldehyde within a steel and glass tank, signifying a sculptural preservation that provokes contemplation on life and death, themes recurrent in Hirst’s oeuvre.

“Away from the Flock” presents a solitary lamb, centrally positioned and enclosed within a clear tank that sits upon a minimalist, supportive frame. The transparency of the tank ensures an unimpeded view from all sides, highlighting the lamb’s isolation and vulnerability. Encased in the still, preserving properties of the formaldehyde solution, the lamb is simultaneously immortalized and stripped of its animate vitality—a poignant contrast that echoes the artwork’s contemplative nature. This use of materials and animal subjects is emblematic of Hirst’s broader exploration into mortality and the human condition, making it a significant piece within the genre of Contemporary Art.

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