Azul profundo (2024) by Juan Del Campo

Azul profundo - Juan Del Campo - 2024

Artwork Information

TitleAzul profundo
ArtistJuan Del Campo
MediumAcrylic, Oil on Synthetic board
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About Azul profundo

Juan Del Campo’s artwork titled “Azul profundo,” created in 2024, is an intriguing example of contemporary marine figurative art. Crafted with a blend of acrylic and oil on a synthetic board, the piece measures 36.6 by 24.4 inches. This work is notable for its lush depiction of the sea, rendered in a style that evokes the movement and rhythm of marine landscapes.

The artwork with its predominating blue palette captures the essence of the sea. The deep and varied tones of blue suggest the depth and complexity of the ocean. There’s a dynamic interplay of light across the water’s surface, creating an impression of shimmering movement. The waves appear energetic yet rhythmic, as if each stroke of the brush captures a moment of the ocean’s perpetual motion. Textural variations give life to the frothy crests of the waves and the form of the calm troughs in between.

In the background, hinted landforms or possibly distant ships on the horizon tease the viewer, anchoring the scene and providing a sense of scale. The use of both acrylic and oil paints allows for a rich layering of colors and textures, accentuating the contrasts between the calm depths and the lively surfaces of the water. Del Campo‚Äôs technique is adept at conveying the ocean’s many moods within this singular piece. It arouses a sense of tranquility and the awe-inspiring power of nature in its endless undulations and flow.

Overall, “Azul profundo” demonstrates the artist’s mastery of color theory and his ability to transmit the emotional impact of the sea to the viewer. This art piece beautifully conveys the spirit of the ocean while occupying a distinct space in marine genre art through its figurative movement.

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