Ballet Scene from Robert la Diable (detail) (1871) by Edgar Degas

Ballet Scene from Robert la Diable (detail) - Edgar Degas - 1871

Artwork Information

TitleBallet Scene from Robert la Diable (detail)
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism

About Ballet Scene from Robert la Diable (detail)

The artwork “Ballet Scene from Robert la Diable (detail)” is a remarkable creation by the artist Edgar Degas, crafted in 1871. Rendered in oil on panel, this piece is an exemplary work of the Impressionism movement, demonstrating Degas’ keen interest in the subject of dance and performance. The genre characteristic of this artwork is genre painting, which depicts scenes from everyday life, including performances and entertainments of the era.

In the artwork, Degas presents a moment of theatrical spectacle, capturing the ambience of a ballet scene from the opera “Robert le Diable.” The composition is segregated by the stark contrast between the darkened audience area and the brightly lit stage. Visible in the foreground are the silhouetted figures of the audience, intently observing the performance. Their attention and orientation towards the stage create a strong sense of depth and space within the artwork.

The stage itself is bathed in an ethereal glow, highlighting the ghostly figures of the dancers, whose movements appear both fluid and otherworldly. The dancers’ costumes shimmer in the artificial light, adding a sense of magic and drama to the scene. Through his use of loose brushwork and an emphasis on the effects of light, Degas successfully evokes the ephemeral and fleeting nature of the performance.

Overall, the artwork conveys the transient beauty of the ballet and the captivating experiences of the cultural milieu of Degas’ time, a significant aspect of Impressionist art which sought to capture the immediacy of life.

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