BANANA TIME (2020) by Tuzhilkina Maria

BANANA TIME - Tuzhilkina Maria - 2020

Artwork Information

ArtistTuzhilkina Maria
MediumAcrylic on Canvas


The artwork titled “BANANA TIME” was created by the artist Tuzhilkina Maria in the year 2020. This piece, painted with acrylic on canvas, measures 36.2 by 28.7 inches. Classified under the landscape genre, it represents the abstract art movement. The use of geometric abstraction infuses the scene with a modernist sensibility, while its theme remains grounded in the natural world.

Upon examining the artwork, one can observe a composition dominated by a series of geometrical shapes and a variety of colors that together form an abstract representation of a natural scene, ostensibly featuring banana plants. The artist has employed a fragmentation technique, where the image is broken down into numerous polygonal facets. This stylistic choice creates an effect that is both kaleidoscopic and mosaic-like.

The color palette is diverse, incorporating shades of green, brown, beige, and hints of blue, which harmonize to evoke a sense of organic growth and the lushness of a tropical environment. The banana plant, central to the composition, is both highlighted by contrasting tones and integrated into the scenery due to the uniformity of the geometric treatment. The absence of conventional perspective gives the artwork a flat, two-dimensional aspect, placing all elements on an equal visual plane and contributing to the overall abstract aesthetic.

Overall, the piece presents an intriguing interplay between naturalistic subject matter and abstract execution, inviting the viewer to both recognize the scene and appreciate the interplay of color, shape, and form for its intrinsic visual qualities.

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