Baptism Of Christ (1597-1600) by El Greco

Baptism Of Christ - El Greco - 1597-1600

Artwork Information

TitleBaptism Of Christ
ArtistEl Greco
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions350 x 144 cm
Current LocationMuseo Del Prado, Madrid
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About Baptism Of Christ

Baptism of Christ is a religious painting created by Spanish artist, El Greco in the late-16th century. The artwork is believed to have been completed by his son Jorge Manuel Theotocópuli using conventional Byzantine painting and advanced Venetian Renaissance art techniques. This exquisite piece depicts the Baptism of Christ, with Jesus standing in water as John the Baptist pours water over his head. What’s striking about this painting is the intensity of Christ’s gaze which creates profound aesthetic and psychological force.

El Greco rendered this art piece in his signature fluid style that makes use of intense bright red color for Christ’s robes. This color symbolizes sacrifice and martyrdom, accentuated by framing it with a red cloak. The work is divided into two overlapping horizontal sections joined together by a dove representing the Holy Ghost. El Greco’s technique enhances movement to create an effect of immersion into the scene.

Baptism Of Christ recalls traditional half-length figure depictions found in Byzantine icon paintings such as El Greco’s youth; despite being unsigned can be attributed to him according to stylistic criteria based on analysis completed after 1988 x-ray analysis carried out at Metropolitan Museum in NY showed how some elements had evolved between their initial conception and final finish – proof that authenticity extended beyond just attributing authorship but also understanding an evolving creative process reflecting development over time.

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