Bather And Rocks (1867-69) by Paul Cezanne

Bather And Rocks - Paul Cezanne - 1867-69

Artwork Information

TitleBather And Rocks
ArtistPaul Cezanne
Dimensions66 x 44 1/2 in. (167.5 x 113 cm)

About Bather And Rocks

Paul Cézanne’s Bather and Rocks is a section of a larger mural painted by the artist while he was living in an 18th-century mansion in southern France. The painting depicts a single male figure in an ambiguous landscape, showcasing Cézanne’s exploration of the underlying structure of visual experience. He broke with traditional representation of the male figure in this piece, which became influential for artists at Alfred Stieglitz’s 291 gallery.

Cézanne’s Large Bathers series is considered the most influential example of figure painting at the turn of the century. The Chrysler Art Library has an extensive collection of over 106,000 rare and unique volumes related to art history, including literature on Cézanne and his works. The library could be a great resource for people who are interested in learning more about Bather and Rocks as well as other works by Cézanne.

Overall, Bather and Rocks reflect Cézanne’s artistic philosophy and his contribution toward modern art. His exploration into structural form, composition, color theory made him one of the most influential painters of his time. By examining his paintings such as Bather And Rock or researching about them from credible sources like libraries or museums can help individuals gain insights into the mind behind such creativity.

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