Bathers at Rest (Les baigneurs au repos) (1875-1876) by Paul Cezanne

Bathers at Rest (Les baigneurs au repos) - Paul Cezanne - 1875-1876

Artwork Information

TitleBathers at Rest (Les baigneurs au repos)
ArtistPaul Cezanne
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions32 1/4 x 39 7/8 in. (82 x 102.2 cm)
Current LocationThe Barnes Foundation, Merion, Pennsylvania

About Bathers at Rest (Les baigneurs au repos)

The painting “Bathers at Rest” was created by French artist Paul Cezanne in 1875-1876. It depicts a group of bathers resting in a natural landscape. In the painting, Cezanne aimed to achieve a complete fusion of the human figure and the surrounding environment, creating a harmonious and serene scene.

Cezanne’s exploration of nudes in a landscape is evident in “Bathers at Rest,” which became an iconic work recognized by generations of artists. The painting portrays his trademark style with bold brushstrokes and bright colors, while also showcasing his unique approach to form and composition.

Several influences contributed to the creation of this masterpiece, including Cezanne’s admiration for classical art, love for nature, and dedication to capturing moments that convey emotions rather than just physical appearances. As such, “Bathers at Rest” is not just an exquisite artwork but also an expression of Cezanne’s artistic philosophy.

Overall, “Bathers at Rest” is a remarkable example of Paul Cezanne’s contribution to modern art through his exploration of landscapes with human figures. Even though it has been over a century since its creation, this painting continues to inspire artists worldwide due to its striking beauty and profound meaning.

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