Bathing in Front of the Port of Pont-Aven (1886; Pont-aven, France) by Paul Gauguin

Bathing in Front of the Port of Pont-Aven - Paul Gauguin - 1886; Pont-aven, France

Artwork Information

TitleBathing in Front of the Port of Pont-Aven
ArtistPaul Gauguin
Date1886; Pont-aven, France
Dimensions80.6 x 59.7 cm
Art MovementPost-Impressionism

About Bathing in Front of the Port of Pont-Aven

The artwork “Bathing in Front of the Port of Pont-Aven” is a creation of Paul Gauguin, an artist renowned for his contributions to the Post-Impressionism movement. The piece was painted in 1886, in Pont-Aven, France, and is a landscape genre work. Gauguin employed oil on canvas as his medium, with the dimensions of the piece measuring 80.6 cm in height and 59.7 cm in width.

The artwork portrays a serene and bucolic scene set in the vicinity of Pont-Aven. Dominated by lush greenery and rustic shades, the landscape is heavily textured with Gauguin’s characteristic bold strokes and use of color. On the left, a substantial tree trunk is depicted with dark tones that anchor the composition, its foliage extending towards the upper edge of the canvas contributing a dynamic sense of movement to the natural setting. The central portion of the painting reveals a lightly treaded path, its winding shape inviting the viewer’s gaze deeper into the scene. The mixture of golden hues with patches of greens and browns evokes the changing seasons and the rich tapestry of rural life.

Nestled in the right-hand corner, one can discern the figure of a person, perhaps a bather, adding a human presence that is subtly placed yet integral to the title and narrative of the painting. The sky overhead is rendered with pastel blue tones, suggesting a clearing of the clouds or the calm atmosphere following a rainfall. Overall, Gauguin’s portrayal of the landscape captures both the tranquility and the untamed beauty of the French countryside, highlighting his talents as a Post-Impressionist master and his affinity for natural environments outside the urban sphere.

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