Battledore (c.1870) by Albert Joseph Moore

Battledore - Albert Joseph Moore - c.1870

Artwork Information

ArtistAlbert Joseph Moore
Art MovementAcademicism
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About Battledore

The artwork titled “Battledore” is an oil on canvas painting by Albert Joseph Moore, created around 1870 in the United Kingdom. This work is an example of Academicism, an art movement that focused on the principles and techniques traditionally taught in the academies of art. It falls into the genre painting category, which depicts scenes from everyday life. As of the latest information, “Battledore” is part of a private collection.

“Battledore” features a solitary female figure standing against a draped background embellished with badminton rackets. The subject is depicted in a classical and graceful pose, holding a battledore (an early kind of badminton racket) in one hand and a shuttlecock in the other, accentuating her elegant and elongated form. She is adorned with a flowing blue garment that loosely enfolds her figure, giving the impression of movement and softness. The woman’s attire and accessories, including a necklace and a hairpiece, suggest a refined and genteel setting. Her contemplative expression adds a serene, introspective quality to the painting. The attention to fabric texture, the subtle use of drapery, and the harmonious color palette all highlight Moore’s academic approach to art. The painting displays a balance between realism and idealization, characteristic of genre painting in the academic style.

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